Post 75 – Bro. Koli

Bro. Koli es el personaje más vegetal creado por Asobōze. ¿Por qué? El brócoli es uno de los vegétales más odiados por los humanos debido a su sabor, pero es uno de los alimentos con más beneficios para nuestro cuerpo. Por esa razón, diseñar un brócoli diferente y extrovertido ha sido la mejor fórmula paraContinue reading “Post 75 – Bro. Koli”

Post 52 – Summer

Agosto es el mes del calor en Barcelona, así que nos vamos a tomar unos días de profunda creatividad para poder retomar nuestro segundo año con más energía. Esperamos que vosotros también disfrutéis de estos días y si os apetece que publiquemos algún post sobre cualquier dibujo en especial que aparezca en, enviarnos un mensajeContinue reading “Post 52 – Summer”

Post 38 – Time for summer, time for new T-shirt

What a good feeling when you wear short sleeves after taking a shower and feel the breeze on the skin! Asobōze’s new T-shirt collection on Etsy! It’s time for summer. It’s time to take the short-sleeved shirt out of the closet. If you want to show a different and original style instead of that ofContinue reading “Post 38 – Time for summer, time for new T-shirt”

Post 24 – Blue Gorilla Sweatshirt

Are you looking for something different for spring sweatshirt? We have created the unisex Banana Monkey sweatshirt in two tones of gray. The design is original from the brand and is available in our online store ( If you have any questions regarding the size or quality of the fabric (which is incredible!) You canContinue reading “Post 24 – Blue Gorilla Sweatshirt”

Post 19 – Feliz Navidad!

This year we became friends with this cheerful black stray cat named Jiji and his entire family. Jiji clearly doesn’t know what Christmas is, but I don’t know much either. Anyway, our great Jiji wishes you Merry Christmas! 😀 Este año nos hicimos amigos de este alegre gato callejero negro, llamado Gigi, y de todaContinue reading “Post 19 – Feliz Navidad!”

Post 17 – Organic Cotton Totebag

Asobōze has created an eco-friendly organic cotton totebag perfect for going shopping or to the beach. Above all, we love it for its design based on our “kawaii” friends swimming together with a friendly Sumatran tiger, an endangered animal like many others that we should protect. You can order your exclusive totebag by contacting byContinue reading “Post 17 – Organic Cotton Totebag”

Post 11 – Draw a kitten (video)

How to draw a kitten? A kitten, born behind the house, unexpectedly came to my door. Little by little, visiting the house and trying to scratch the sofa, he ended up sitting on my thigh. He stayed so comfortable and I took advantage of the sweet moment to draw him. Hope you like it! ¿CómoContinue reading “Post 11 – Draw a kitten (video)”