Post 16 – Portraits

Send us a photo of yourself, or your favorite photo. I draw portraits with your favorite taste. As a gift or to remember. ✳︎Delivery time: 5 business days,Paper+digital delivery: €65+shipping costs,Digital delivery: €40.Contact: (The delivery period by courier varies depending on the shipping address) Envíanos una foto tuya o tu foto favorita. Dibujo retratosContinue reading “Post 16 – Portraits”


Post 12 – Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

We know that these times are not so good to walk around, but we will always have art to be able to enjoy the places that we cannot visit. We show you an image that goes from Plaça Espanya to Montjuic, with views of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Sabemos que no son buenosContinue reading “Post 12 – Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya”

Post 11 – Draw a kitten (video)

How to draw a kitten? A kitten, born behind the house, unexpectedly came to my door. Little by little, visiting the house and trying to scratch the sofa, he ended up sitting on my thigh. He stayed so comfortable and I took advantage of the sweet moment to draw him. Hope you like it! ¿CómoContinue reading “Post 11 – Draw a kitten (video)”

Post 07 – Meet Barcelona

Barcelona is characterized by having a diverse appearance depending on each district, being a city of considerably moderate size where it is easy to discover its corners by walking. Barcelona se caracteriza por tener un aspecto diverso dependiendo de cada distrito siendo una ciudad de tamaño considerablemente moderado donde es fácil descubrir sus rincones paseando.Continue reading “Post 07 – Meet Barcelona”

Post 06 – A cat with her kittens

When you are drawing in an open place and with figures in motion, you can feel the fun and spontaneity. At that moment, you know that you are part of this world. Una gata con sus gatitos. Cuando dibujas en un lugar abierto y con figuras en movimiento, se siente la diversión y la espontaneidad.Continue reading “Post 06 – A cat with her kittens”

Post 02 – Train

A railroad entering Barcelona. It is interesting to see the iconic Agbar Tower from an unexpected place. Un ferrocarril que entra en Barcelona. Es interesante ver la icónica Torre Agbar desde un lugar inesperado. バルセロナに入る線路。街のアイコニックなアグバルタワーが意外な場所から見えるのがおもしろい。 Asobōze Collection 01Small Business Matters #2 Train