Post 24 – Blue Gorilla Sweatshirt

Are you looking for something different for spring sweatshirt? We have created the unisex Banana Monkey sweatshirt in two tones of gray. The design is original from the brand and is available in our online store ( If you have any questions regarding the size or quality of the fabric (which is incredible!) You canContinue reading “Post 24 – Blue Gorilla Sweatshirt”


Post 21 – Shop in Barcelona

We inform you that you can find us at @bdebarcelonastuff, very close to the Sagrada Família on Avenida Gaudí. You can find our different products and, above all, local products. Support local talent! If you don’t live in Barcelona, don’t worry, you can also visit our online store at Etsy ( Os informamos de queContinue reading “Post 21 – Shop in Barcelona”

Post 03 – Survive Style

Capybaras live in the wetlands of South America. They seem calm and seem to be in good vibes with other animals. This may be the true form of survival. Los capibaras viven en los humedales de América del Sur. Parecen tranquilos y parecen estar en buena onda con otros animales. Esta puede ser la verdaderaContinue reading “Post 03 – Survive Style”

Post 02 – Train

A railroad entering Barcelona. It is interesting to see the iconic Agbar Tower from an unexpected place. Un ferrocarril que entra en Barcelona. Es interesante ver la icónica Torre Agbar desde un lugar inesperado. バルセロナに入る線路。街のアイコニックなアグバルタワーが意外な場所から見えるのがおもしろい。 Asobōze Collection 01Small Business Matters #2 Train